Marsh International

Marsh International Limited is a UK based company, manufacturing and distributing sports goods and accessories. Our primarily focus is to manufacture and import in the UK, Europe and Worldwide all kind of sports accessories, equipment and leather products. Not only we provide B2B services, we are also specialist in B2C transactions.

We welcome our clients to discuss their needs and requirements before placing an order. Our bespoke solutions (customised products with personalised Trademark/Logo) give full serenity to our clients as we handle the entire process from order taking to delivering it. This may include Custom Duty clearance, handling the consignment, time management and quality management.

Our product range includes all types of sports balls, sports gloves, dress and work gloves, martial arts and boxing equipment, gym accessories, sportswear, casual and fashion apparel made of leather, textile and synthetic materials, safety and protective clothing, leather products and accessories.

We have skilled and experienced labour with large scale technical capacity. Our professional Research and Development team innovate new design, ideas and control material quality. Before finalising the order, our quality control department makes sure every single item is up to the high standard that our organisation has set.

We aim a long term commitment with our clients. Contact us with your ideas and requirement, give us the opportunity to make it reality.

About Us

We trade, import and export but are not limited to sports goods, gloves, apparel and gym & fashion accessories. We can make and supply custom made goods that meet your specifications of design, material, quantity and delivery schedule.

Trust of our client and confidentiality has been a best practice adopted by the Marsh International throughout our trading. We believe in the transparent transactions with our clients i.e. no hidden charges or compromise on quality. We do not share information of our client with the third parties unless a written consent is provided. We strictly prohibit the unauthorised distribution or dissemination of information by our employees.

We are specialised in the performance improvement and driving down the costs in equal measure. As a result, we are confident that we can help our clients find efficiencies while improving the service to their users.

Below are some objectives followed by the Marsh International,

We look forward to serving our clients with all their needs at any time.

What We Do?

We manufacturer, supply and distribute all kind fitness gears (Boxing, Gym, Martial Arts, MMA etc.). Not only we have our own registered brand, we do customise design and personalised logo according to our clients’ need.

We give very competitive prices without compromising on quality and standards. Unlike others, we take responsibility of the consignment after dispatching as discussed and agreed with the clients.

We have set a very high quality standard. Every single product, we manufacture, undergoes our strict quality checks.

We can make any sample for clients with their Brand name or Trademark. Simply send us your designed sketch or design sample with full description, directions and material detail, we shall be very pleased to process it further. Last but not least, our clients can count on us.


Some of our products that we do.

Contact Us

We would be happy to hear from you. Please contact us using the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.